Xcode Keyboards Shortcuts

I’ve been using xcode to develop several iOS 12.0 apps. I need to be as productive as possible because I am creating and maintaining apps on multiple platforms (Windows and OSX). As a result, I collect the tips and tricks I found on the internet and put together here for a quick reference.
I am going to update this page frequently. So you can use this page as your reference too. Enjoy!

Option – ⌥
Command – ⌘
Shift – ⇧
Esc – ⎋
Ctrl – ⌃
Ctrl – ⌃
Enter – ⏎
Xcode shortcuts
Command + 0 Show/Hide Navigator Panel
Command + 1 Project Navigator
Command + Option + 0 Show/Hide Utilities Panel
Option + Left-click Open file in Assistant Editor
Command + Shift + F Find Navigator (ie. Search)
Control + 6 File Jump Bar (Type the method/variable name + enter to jump)
Command + Shift + O Open Quickly:
Command + R Run the app
Command + / Comment out the current line, or multiple lines if they’re highlighted.
Command + Shift + K Clean the project
Command + B Build the app
Document & Help
Command + Shift + 0 (Zero) Documentation and Reference
Option + Left-click Quick Help: Option + Left-click on class or method name
Reference Links:
xcode shortcuts

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