Quickest Way To Install Newer Version Of Python On MacOS and QGIS

Newer version of Mac OS (OSX) already had Python 2.x pre installed. However, as of 2018/09/16 the latest version is Python 3.7. I decided to use Anaconda to install Python. It turned out to be a mess, and I could not even in stall QGIS version 3 because it kept complaining that Python 3.x is required.

After spending almost a day searching and with trial by errors, I found a better and quick way to install latest version of Python and QGIS by using Home Brew. I also provide the useful links at the bottom of this post that you can read further to understand the details.

If you run into any errors during the installation of the command lines below, follow the suggestions that provide with the errors to fix the issues and you are good. I found most of the Mac installer programs are very good at detecting other missing libraries or packages required to complete the installation. Good luck!

  1. Run your terminal the type the following commands to intall python & pip:
  2. brew install python

    pip3 install –upgrade pip setup tools wheel

  3. if pip is not installed yet, run the command line below:
  4. sudo easy_install pip

    "Then re-link python:"

    brew unlink python && brew link python

  5. Now, install QGIS (same terminal window)
  6. brew tap osgeo/osgeo4mac

    brew install osgeo/osgeo4mac

  7. Finally, type “qgis3” without quotes in the terminal to launch
  8. You can then pin the dock menu icon to simplify launching in future.

Helpful links that I followed to successfully install Python, PIP, and QGIS




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