I Am Unstoppable

For many years, I’ve been searching for a method or technique that I can use or apply to live my life in prosperity. I’ve read many books, watched countless hours of videos and searched all over the internet. As a result of that, I found it is possible to live the life that you wish. However, there is no one single method or technique but it requires consistent daily habits that one can apply to manifest whatever you wish in your life.

These habits consist of the followings:

  1. Apply Three Simple Steps from the book with the same title “Three Simple Steps”.
  2. I. Take Mentality Control

    II. Take Quiet Time

    III. Set Intentions

  3. Listen more, speak less, and be the last person to speak
  4. You will be told your whole life that you need to learn to listen. However, according to Simon Sinek, he said

    “I See it in boardrooms every day of the week even people who consider themselves Good leaders, who may actually be decent leaders will walk into a room and say here’s the problem. Here’s what I think but I’m interested in your opinion. Let’s go around the room. It’s too late.

    The skill to hold your opinions to yourself until everyone has spoken does two things one it gives everyone else the feeling that they have been heard it. Give me gives everyone else – the ability to feel that they have contributed and

    To you get the benefit of hearing what everybody else has to think before you render your opinion

    The skill is really to keep your opinions to yourself if you agree with somebody don’t nod

    Yes, if you disagree with somebody don’t nod No

    Simply sit there take it all in and the only thing you’re allowed to do is ask questions so that you can

    understand what they mean and why they have the opinion that they have you must

    understand from where they are speaking why they have the opinion they have not just what they are saying and at the end

    You will get your turn. It sounds easy but it’s not.”

  5. Always strive to do better

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